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Framing the Problem Set Corporate Mental Health

Mental Health challenges cost over $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity in the workplace, as well as $26 billion in direct treatment costs. Additionally, 82% of employees with even mild mental health issues indicate that it negatively impacts their work productivity. While there have been countless options for Corporate Wellness Programs available over the past 3 decades, the average cost for health coverage is still more than $11,000 per employee which, for Fortune 500 companies, amounts to over $500 million annually.

Our Philosophy Behind the Problem Set

The nature of peak performance in life, work, or athletics is based on the intrinsic values that create habits. For optimal performance in the workplace, each individual member of a team must be at their best from an internal standpoint. Far too often, company’s focus on superficial elements of motivation, external reward, time management skills or productivity enhancers. Too often the focus is on externals without realizing the root drivers behind poor behavior or performance. Individuals must go internal and make changes to their perceptions, belief systems and expectations. We offer a model of simplicity that we call the 4 A’s - Acceptance, Awareness, Accountability and Adaption. Utilizing this model allows your team members to deconstruct and reconstruct internal values and drivers – ultimately improving mental health and performance.

Here is What Our Program Does for You

The essence of our program is based on the development of a growth mindset.

Specifically, individuals and group with a higher Emotional Intelligence & Growth Mindset have shown to be

More confident & stronger at controlling negative emotional fluctuations.

Less reactive, more consistent & inclined to happiness in life

Involved in more nurturing and fulfilling relationships

Very adaptable and resilient in life and business

These factors translate into the corporate world directly, via:

How did We get into Team Building?

We reinforce your growth mindset training through custom team building events that serve needs within your community. We have been delivering meaningful events in the community since 2014, as we started out in the nonprofit sector by providing experiential retreats to foster children across the state of Florida. After working with dozens of corporations, we soon realized there is a greater need. There is a greater need to connect humans to causes they hold dear in their heart. Our Team Building Philosophy is simple: Service = Healing.

Why do Team Building with Us?

Every event reinforces your growth mindset training by incorporating the primary tenants into fun and rewarding events that enable your team to reinforce effective communication, collaboration, and communal involvement. We take care of logistics, itineraries, media, public relations, and communal outreach. We help you find the right nonprofit partner for you. All you must do is show up and have fun.

Book Now for Our most Popular Event – Telling Stories Through Mural Art

In every city, there are stories waiting to be told through Mural Art. Our Story Telling Through Mural Art allows your group to paint stories across your city. We have been painting murals since 2015. We have painted at foster homes, community shelters, special needs schools and elementary schools. Contact us today to see how you can bring your community together. Every event comes with a media and public relations package.

Workshops & Retreats

Connective Human offers workshops & retreats on the following topics


Too many entrepreneurs are not leveraging their ability to speak in front of audiences or in front of the camera. They are hiding from both. Many things cause us to hide our gift of verbal communication from the world. For many, it is fear. That kind of fear can be uncomfortable to face if you are not prepared. But with proper preparation, a personalized system & consistency in that system, that fear becomes manageable. Over time, you might rid yourself of it.


What unique perspective do you want to give the world as a gift? I can help with that. Your gift = the timeline of your life. Notice I did not say story, but a story is important. You craft your story by analyzing your timeline – not the other way around. It is a simple nuance, if properly understood and executed, the differences will be apparent. Here is why that distinction is extremely important to your training in public speaking. You will analyze your timeline into pieces and sub-components to properly tell the “right story” to the “right audience” – without becoming crippled by fear.