Mural Team Building

Team building is a powerful way to engage and develop cohesive bonds with each other. The concept of working together has been shown to improve working relationships, employee morale, and overall positivity within an organization. Feel free to view how we accomplish team building through art via murals.

Mural Art Team Building Events

Turn your next company outing into a mural team building event that reinforces your values or supports your community. Your event comes with a media / public relations package to gain the most exposure from our collaboration.

Nonprofit Collaboration

Partner with a non-profit and tell their story through mural art. There are thousands of nonprofits across this great nation that are serving others in need - especially during moments of crisis. We help you find the right non-profit and create an outreach strategy that fosters close collaboration and communal involvement.

Corporate Team Building

Transform your office space into art that signifies your values and culture. We've painted inside autism clinics, executive suits and community buildings. We cover every aspect of your event to include art creation, logistics, itinerary, media and public relations.

Our Philosophy Service Equals Healing

At Connective Human - we create healthy humans and communities by providing growth mindset, resiliency training and team building events that give back. Mural art allows your team to creatively express themselves while serving others. We understand that real transformation begins once we serve others while working together as a team.

Let’s talk about how you can use mural team building to build your organization

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