Framing the Problem Set  of Corporate Mental Health

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Corporate Mental Health Challenges


Mental Health challenges cost over $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity in the workplace, as well as $26 billion in direct treatment costs. Additionally, 82% of employees with even mild mental health issues indicate that it negatively impacts their work productivity. While there have been countless options for Corporate Wellness Programs available over the past 3 decades, the average cost for health coverage is still more than $11,000 per employee which, for Fortune 500 companies, amounts to over $500 million annually.

Our Philosophy Behind the Problem Set:


The nature of peak performance in life, work, or athletics is based on the intrinsic values that create habits. For optimal performance in the workplace, each individual member of a team must be at their best from an internal standpoint. Far too often, company’s focus on superficial elements of motivation, external reward, time management skills or productivity enhancers.  Too often the focus is on externals without realizing the root drivers behind poor behavior or performance. Individuals must go internal and make changes to their perceptions, belief systems and expectations.  We offer a model of simplicity that we call the 4 A’s – Acceptance, Awareness, Accountability and Adaption. Utilizing this model allows your team members to deconstruct and reconstruct internal values and drivers – ultimately improving mental health and performance.

Here is What Our Program Does for You:


The essence of our program is based on the development of a growth mindset.

Specifically, individuals and group with a higher emotional intelligence & growth mindset have shown to be –

  • More confident & stronger at controlling negative emotional fluctuations
  • Less reactive, more consistent & inclined to happiness in life
  • Involved in more nurturing and fulfilling relationships
  • Very adaptable and resilient in life and business
These factors translate into the corporate world directly, via –


  • Increased productivity, efficiency, community, and cooperative alignment
  • Increased revenue and custom-driven experience
  • Decreased illness, stress, and associated fallouts
  • Decreased workplace negativity


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Beau Blouin

Growth Mindset Coach

Beau Blouin honorably served nine years in the United States Marine Corps. During his time in the Marines, he deployed twice to Iraq and Afghanistan. After seeing combat in Afghanistan, he decided to take his leadership and growth mindset training back to states to create two social enterprises. 

Beau Blouin

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