Custom Team Building

Custom Team Building Unique To Your Team

We customize every team building event. Why? Simply put – your corporation deserves it. Every business we work with has a unique set of employees and culture. Who are we to push a pre-made event on you? You will not find a catalog of events on our site, because everything we offer meets a specific need in your community. Those needs change just like the corporations we work with. Our team goes out into the community and finds real problems that need solutions. Then we come back to you, figure out your team-building goals and create an event that is perfect for you. You can also check out our Community Campaigns Page to be a part of a larger movement to spread creativity and goodwill across the United States.

Signature Event

Island Quest for Success: Do your employees have what it takes to navigate through this adventure? Located at Shell Key Island, we take your team on an adventure with land navigation, kayaking, snorkeling and aerial reconnaissance (drones) to get you through the course. We customize this event based on your team’s fitness level and team-building goals. Ten percent of the proceeds from this event go back to our featured non-profit, Fit4Truth.

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