Team Building Community Campaigns

Team Building with Lasting Impacts on Your Community

Every community is home to people who need hope, guidance and an improved quality of life. The CH Community Campaigns provide a unique experience for your team through hands-on activities that meet a real need. You will partake in team building events that make a lasting impact on your community. We have two themed campaigns that can be adjusted to fit your team’s size and unique capabilities.

Painting with a Purpose

Everyone has a Story to Tell. Your city is special and home to your employees and business. This campaign puts your employees in a position to inject inspiration and creativity into the community. Across your state – there are foster homes, shelters & community centers with a unique story to tell. You can help tell that story. We have planned sites available or you can tell us where you want to go. Our team will take it from there.

A Day of Inspiration

What demographic are you passionate about? Your community has thousands of people in need of an improved quality of life. A Day of Inspiration involves minor construction projects, renovations, workshops for young adults who need guidance and exciting excursions to provide basic needs and necessities for people in the community. We have people and organizations that can use your expertise and teamwork. You can also tell who you want to help, and we can customize the event for you.

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