About Us

The Connective Human Story

“We Create Highly Adaptive and Obstacle-Resistant Organizations.” CEO, Beau Blouin

Connective Human brings a unique and inspiring message of emotional intelligence, growth mindset and proactive leadership to corporations through mindset training – reinforced with team building events that serve needs in the community.

Our human family should be the most coveted resource on this planet, as our colleagues deserve the best we have to offer in wellness training and communal support. We believe in the power of the human spirit.

When life restricts us, we are left with a few options. We can become rigid or fixed within our minds or become growth oriented in both approach and application. Our model allows organizations to create a growth mindset during moments of confusion and restriction

We do that by understanding the sub-conscious drivers that cause poor performance and mending those drivers through a completely integrated system of mindset training and team building.

What We Do

We focus on helping you understand subconscious drivers that cause poor performance. Our actions and behaviors are the physical result of a lifetime of immaterial motivators that we can go a lifetime without seeing. All of this is inside the sub-conscious, and they force our choices. There is no limit to the knowledge and info that help people make better choices, but individuals are not taking better actions or holding better behaviors. Actions and behaviors are not a simple conscious process of making a better choice.

Connective Human enables groups and individuals to understand where their poor choices originate. Unless we get into that part of the choosing mechanism, nothing will substantially or sustainably change. Our roots originated in the team building space. We quickly learned without creating a growth mindset organization, no team building event will create lasting, optimal performance.

What does Connective Human Mean?

We are all connected in this life. We cannot buy a product or service without helping someone else. No matter what we do, we are intertwined as a human species. We understand this and strive to better connect humans to themselves and causes in the community.


We Deliver…

1) A connective culture and healthy working environment

2)High levels of emotional intelligence

3)A better understanding of yourself

4)Team building events that give back to the community

5)Communications training in the spirit of service