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Helping Companies Unlock the Power of Optimizing Their People

High-performance helps a person have more energy and operate at optimal levels on a consistent basis. When each individual employee implements high-performance strategies, they’re more productive and focused.

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Employees become invested in their growth when they understand how much farther it will take them in their career and life. One of the best ways to build an organization is through each individual employee understanding how to implement human optimization performance strategies.

High performance team growth should be incorporated into every part of a company. It’s the key to developing human capital. Optimized employees are more productive, more committed, and are self-motived. They leverage the power of a strong mindset. Optimization starts by building a strong foundation and being clear about the key principles of high performance team development. Connective Human can help. We are an award-winning human performance optimization consulting agency that gets results for our clients.

Beau Blouin – CEO

In 2014, he founded a nonprofit with his family and group of veterans called Fit4Truth. Fit4Truth taught foster children life skills through experiential retreats and team building events that reinforced growth mindset. Their nonprofit worked with over 1,000 children in the foster care system across central Florida.

After working with children in the nonprofit sector, Beau realized there is a larger need for humans to connect with themselves and their communities. That is where his current business, Connective Human, was created.

Connective Human is a corporate high-performance and team building company that focuses on creating healthy humans and communities by pairing growth mindset training with team building events that give back to the community. Beau currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

Joshua Wilson – Vice President/ Head of Global Operations

A professional team builder and operational planner with 21 years of military and operational experience spanning multiple countries.   

As Vice President, Joshua optimizes production, climate, and culture for Connective Human.  He enables executives, managers, and employees to maximize production & mitigate operational concerns by developing high-performance strategies.

Joshua emphasizes inclusion, growth mindset, emotional resilience and purpose as being paramount to the overall wellness for any organization. Humans seek value and purpose. Diversity and Inclusion contributes to principle experiences often overlooked within the workforce. He is a proud Florida native.

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