Team Building for Large Groups in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St.  Petersburg, Palm Harbor & Across Florida

Team Building for Large GroupsTeam building for large groups requires a different approach than planning events for smaller groups of participants. After all, there are more people whose needs and desires need to be met. At Connective Human, we specialize in creating custom team building events and activities for groups of all sizes and will work hard to ensure the entire team comes away from the event with new skills and insights that will keep the entire team engaged for months and years to come.

Whether you want to take your staff on a team outing or have us arrange an event at your home office or facility, we can help. Our events and activities are one-of-a-kind and personally tailored to your team’s unique needs.

Team Building for Large Groups

When you plan an event or team outing for large groups of people, there are several factors to take into account including:

  • Team Fitness Level – If your team is healthy and fit, you can expand your events to include high-impact, outdoor activities that will get the blood flowing. If your team has health or fitness limitations, you will be best served by choosing events that are indoors or opting for a team outing that is very low-impact.
  • Areas of Focus – Be sure that you choose activities and events that hone in on the areas your team needs to work on most. Need to improve communication? Choose activities that require team collaboration. Want to work on trust? Opt for trust-building exercises that will have the team relying on each other throughout the day.
  • Special Needs & Considerations – Do you have team members who are handicapped in some way? If so, you will need to make sure your planned events and activities include the appropriate accessibility options so that no team members feel left out of the fun.

Team Building for Small Groups

Connective Human can also plan a team outing for small groups. With fewer participants, we can really focus in on what your team needs most. We also have charitable team building options and select community campaigns for those interested in giving back while learning new skills. And, since we only offer custom events, you can rest assured that your experience will be truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you are trying to plan an event that focuses on team building for large groups or small, we are the experts to trust. We are now planning events in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St.  Petersburg, Palm Harbor and across Florida, so contact us today to get started!